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About Us

At Robin’s Egg Blue Camp, we will: Explore the natural world to ponder God's creation and why things function as they do; Act out role-playing scenarios where we learn lessons as to how to treat one another, including family members, even when we feel our worst; Learn what God says about certain things in the world related to justice, truth, peace, and their counterfeits. 

As for speaking about Jesus as Messiah, we will turn back to the prophecies of the Old Testament to show how God, Himself, would redeem humanity, by sending his Son. The character and sovereignty of God will be emphasized, and we will ponder on the responsibility we have as vessels of the Holy Spirit to speak and act as a force for good and truth in the world (Jeremiah 31, Acts), especially in adulthood. As children, this is the time for learning practices and values to help in fully enjoying life with family and trusted friends.

Dance and music will be in the service of worship song and dance, which is actually the origins of both. Children will be able to create their own songs and dances in a judgment-free environment.

In addition to this, we will explore the natural areas at the lake, go swimming, play at the playground, play games, do art, all while getting to know one another. We will have a snack mid-morning, and children can bring lunch to eat at 12pm.

About Robin's Egg Blue Camp: About Us
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